Creator of adorable robots

Resume / CV

Computer scientist and roboticist with deep expertise and experience designing, building, and programming robots meant to naturally interact with people.

Passionate about making intuitive hardware and software that is lovable, expressive, and self-improving. 


  • Published 7 academic papers on Robotics, AI, and education

  • Shipped 4 consumer robots (Form One, Romo, 3DR Solo, Kuri)

  • Built and programmed DragonBot (the first robot to use a phone as its primary computer), securing a $10M NSF grant for socially assistive robots

Recent Experience

Senior Robotics Engineer @ Primed Technologies (San Francisco, CA), May 2018 - Present

  • Rapid prototyping of voice-enabled robotic characters

  • Architecture and implementation of the entire robot software stack

Senior Robotics Engineer @ Mayfield Robotics (Redwood City, CA), Oct. 2016 - May 2018

  • Developed core autonomous behaviors for a home photography robot

  • Lead the architecture and implementation of realtime computer vision and audio pipelines, extensive ROS development

Lead Hardware Engineer @ AltSchool (San Francisco, CA), Oct. 2015 - Jul. 2016

  • Led the hardware team, prototyping and maintaining classroom devices

  • Deployed cameras, microphones, smart tables, wearables

Roboticist @ 3D Robotics (Berkeley, CA),  Sept. 2014 - Oct. 2015

  • Scene awareness lead, developing 2D visual tracking algorithms

  • Implemented a hardware-accelerated iOS video pipeline and OTA firmware update system

  • Embedded systems integration, development of test software for use in manufacturing and production

Roboticist @ Romotive (San Francisco, CA), Oct. 2012 - Mar. 2014

  • Technical lead on machine learning, sensor fusion, human-robot interaction 

  • Designed and implemented a realtime computer vision framework for iOS with OpenCV and GPU filters, facial detection + recognition, visual attention

  • Lead the design, implementation, and documentation of an introductory robotics SDK for iOS developers


Masters of Science, Robotics @ Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Personal Robots Group, MIT Media Lab

  • Graduate Advisor: Cynthia Breazeal

Masters of Science, Computer Science @ University of Texas at Austin

  • Graduate Advisor: Peter Stone

  • Concentration in AI

  • Minor in Cognitive Science

Bachelors of Science, Computer Science Turing Scholars Honors Program @ University of Texas at Austin

Active Skillset


Python, C, C++, Swift, Lisp

English, German (conversational)


ROS, iOS, Android, MATLAB, OpenGL


SolidWorks, Rhino, Maya, Adobe Suite, Eagle PCB, Sound and Music


Integration, Sensor prototyping, Power management, Motor controllers, Driver development


CNCs, Mills, Lathes, Laser Cutters, Waterjets, 3D Printers (SLA, SLS, FDM, MJM), Mold Making, Sewing


Intro to Robotics, K-2, (AltSchool)

  • Created curriculum and taught introductory courses in robotics

  • Students built line-followers, NERF robots

How To Make (almost) Anything (MIT Media Lab, Asst. for Neil Gershenfeld)

  • Helped to run and teach the hands-on crash course on personal fabrication