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Code Samples

Snippets from over the years…

 All recent code samples can be found on my github.

Legacy code samples

When I finished at MIT, my lab mates made a video of how I grew a codebase. I always found it beautiful and thoughtful - thanks to Nick DePalma for making it.

Undergraduate work

Here are some old but interesting projects I completed during my undergraduate career.

Operating System

A bootable x86 operating system I developed with my good friend Jose Falcon for my undergraduate operating systems course.

SLAM Simulator

Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) simulator designed in my graduate robotics course. Displays a map of a mobile robot's probabilistic position in its environment using a particle filter.

  • Language: Java

  • Requirements: Java Runtime Environment

  • Download

Genetic Algorithm

A genetic algorithm for learning to play keepaway in the robotic soccer domain. I designed this algorithm in my undergraduate course, Autonomous Multiagent Systems.

Pipelined Processor

A pipelined processor designed and implemented (using an extended version of the [LC-3]( architecture) for my undergraduate computer architecture course with Daniel Chimene.

  • Language: Verilog

  • Requirements: Verilog simulator (such as VCS)

  • Download

Fun with Lambda Calculus! A monadic parser in haskell

A monadic parser, typechecker, and evaluator for a simply-typed lambda calculus augmented with booleans, natural numbers, fix-points and references.

RSA in Java

An efficient Java implementation of the RSA encryption/decription protocol.

  • Language: Java

  • Requirements: Java Runtime Environment

  • Download