Creator of adorable robots

Mayfield Robotics

Bringing life to Kuri, an autonomous home robot photographer

As a Senior Robotics Engineer for Mayfield Robotics, I developed core behaviors for Kuri - a robot that autonomously captures interesting moments in the home. Using ROS, with C++ and Python bindings, I architected and implemented the realtime computer vision pipeline and helped build the realtime audio pipeline. Working with the fantastic team at Mayfield, I played an integral part in optimizing and fusing sensory data to the robot. Combined with excellent hardware, the team was able to make an adorable home robot capable of some delightful interactions.

I led the development of Kuri's dance behavior, enabling our robot to listen to music and dance along to the beat in realtime. I also drove many of the core creature behaviors of Kuri such as Wander, Photo Shoots, and user interaction during the out-of-the-box experience. I worked closely with animator Doug Dooley, ensuring Kuri always appeared alive by adhering to the core principles of animation.

Relevant Technologies

Python, C++, ROS, Behavior Development, Computer Vision, Realtime Audio, Camera calibration, FFT