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A set of remote-communicating sticker books

Collaborators: Natalie Freed and Jie Qi

Telescrapbook is a set of remote sticker-books that are wirelessly connected, and they are both educational and customizable. Telescrapbook presents I/O Stickers, adhesive sensors and actuators that children can use to create personalized remote communication interfaces. By attaching I/O Stickers to special greeting cards, children can invent ways to communicate with long-distance loved ones with personalized, connected messages. Children decorate these cards with their choice of craft materials, creatively expressing themselves while making a functioning interface. The low-bandwidth connections leave room for children to design not only the look and function, but also the signification of the connections.

Telescrapbook is the wonderful work of Jie Qi and Natalie Freed, who let me help out with some coding and soft-sensor making.

Relevant Publications

Natalie Freed, Jie Qi, Adam Setapen, Hayes Raffle, Leah Buechley, and Cynthia Breazeal. Sticking Together: Handcrafting Personalized Communication Interfaces. 2011 ACM International Conference on Interaction Design and Children (IDC) 2011.

Relevant Technologies

C, Arduino